Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Texture Thursday

Its Texture Thursday time!!

Everyone joining me from last week... Welcome back! And, if you're here for the first time, I hope you totally join in on the fun! The whole point of Texture Thursday is to look at photography from a different point of view. Meaning that you can either enter a photo that has texture already in it or add some of your own. If your not quite sure what I mean I give examples HERE.


Right now I am driving back from a fun filled vacation I bet I am soo exhausting from chasing an almost 3 year old around Disneyland and I know I can not wait to get home and upload the billion pictures I took and share them all with you but until I DO get home here is an a picture that I don't think I have shared from my dads birthday getaway.

Its all natural and one of my favorites of Wyatt and I.


Again since I am still on vacation I will not be able to show the winner from last week but I will do a whoooole blog post about them when I get back. Okay? ok.

The Daily Wyatt


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  • anyone can join in at anytime.

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  • try to visit others blogs and give some comment love! Because we all love comments. ;)


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