Wednesday, September 28, 2011

POp yah ler

Guess what?
I AM  GOING ON A DISNEYLAND VACATION! wiff my bestie and her kid and her husband and my husband and our kid. Whoot Whoot! Its gonna be a blast!
no momma nooo....fake crying at wyatt
But, don’t cry because here are some of my most popluar blog post since this blog has been alive for you to read while I am gone.
They go like this… 
I cheated on Texture Thursday. We went to a festival because I was that mom who was just enjoying a spring morning cause sometimes just living is not enough.
One day I yelled at Wyatt to be brave he then told me well its Cause you smell like poo Which made me feel like a failure. I wasnt the only one. but We played and we were happy again.
But then I told Cody pick either the dishes or the laundry. Im sorry its just not time yet. He replied. It was okay because It rained. We played in it. It was wonderful
Then One day superman and batman went to the park with Sinterklaas. batman said to superman He thinks I am making fun of him cause I enjoy wasting time with you. Classy just classy.  he said.
Shh dont tell the husband but Im in love. I call him goose. Man I love this kid.
Oh my son I dont want to go to work today.
But it’s okay because I will be Taking on the world.
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  1. I just love your blog more and more every time I come here! :-) I love how you put your post together and that last picture is awesome!

  2. Have fun!  These photos are cracking me up!

  3. Awesome pictures! Love your blog!

  4. Those pictures are hysterical. Have fun at Disneyland! 

  5. omg, I LOVE DISNEYLAND!! haha.  LOVE the guitar picture, total rock star!

  6. hehe! have a great time! I love the last photo, he's rockin' out!

  7. Have a great time. I'm cracking up at the photos. Love the cool rocker.

  8. Tatjana ParkachevaOct 1, 2011, 5:08:00 AM

    I participate for the first time in your beautiful blog.
    I like your photos and post-processing very much.

    Regards and best wishes


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