Monday, January 30, 2012

A Cheap Circus Adventure.

The Circus came to town. By circus I mean the cheap ticket, only 2 elephants, some tigers and those little ponies that go around and around and around in circles circus. There was not one clown. Not one. The acts seemed the exact same as the ones before it, the jugglers couldn't juggle and the tight ropers fell twice.


But all that didn't matter. Because we rode on an elephant, got our faces painted and our dinner consisted of corndogs, kettle corn, soda and a ton of cotton candy.


The kids watched in awe as the tigers jumped through the ring of fire, the circus ladies spun in the air just by their hair. There was motorcycle tricks, dog tricks, balancing acts and a whole lot of juggling.


It was fantastic. I sat next to my parents as we watched my niece and Wyatt watch in excitement. They didn't care that the juggler could barely juggle, that the tight roper fell by accident not on purpose and the clowns were forgotten.


To them, this was the most exciting show that they have ever been too and I hope they’ll remember every second of it.

circus13circus14circus15 Especially the elephant ride.

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  1. wow great photos and what a fun-filled family outing

  2. Oh man, I wish a cheap circus would come to our town!  (Especially as I can totally do without the clowns...they kind of freak me out a little bit.)  Your photos are totally awesome!


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