Sunday, January 29, 2012


I wanted to share with you a few things I have done and learned in the past two days//

Wyatt and I went to the circus and we rode elephants and got our faces painted. I will blog about it soon//

Wyatt is finally realizing that I am a very weird and annoying person. He keeps telling me to stop me weeeird and to stop singing. Haahahaaa… Which makes me do it more. ha-ha.//

Wyatt is obsessed with watching cartoons in Spanish on YouTube.//

My sister and I talked about starting a family history blog. Which I am super excited about. I hope we do it.//

I met all of my sisters birth family at her birthday party. (she was adopted at birth.) It was crazy to see how they look so much a like. My niece looks exactly like her uncle it blew our minds.//


I’ve been wear makeup a lot lately and a lot of people keep saying “why are you so dressed up?” I think its funny that all I have to do is wear some makeup and bam I'm a hot momma! I bet my husbands glad I'm not always in my pjs.//

Have you ever done the “color code?” Well my family and I do it every so often and I am a Yellow/Blue. Which means I am fun loving outgoing loves to play not work (yellow) and when I am stressed I get super emotional and needy. (blue) I will have post the question one time so you all can see what you are.

right now, I am suppose to be at work but I’m blogging instead. opps. guess, I’ll go to work now.


  1. I can't wait to hear about your trip to the circus--it sounds like a lot of fun!  And as a huge history/genealogy nerd, I think a family history blog is a great idea!

  2. love the face painting. and the mini update on your happenings! so fun.


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