Friday, February 17, 2012

I’ll let my kid be weird if he wants too.

I grew up with parents who let me paint my walls what ever color I wanted. They let me explore what was interesting to me which at time was only interesting to just me. They let me be loud, annoying, they let me dye my hair pink, get purple contacts, they let me be weird because that's what I wanted to be and they loved me for who I was becoming and who I became today.


Wyatt will be raised the same way. If one day he wants to wear nothing but pjs, a cape, bug eyed glasses and only answer to the name Spider monster I will be okay with that. I will be more then okay with that.


Because imagination is needed while your grow and needed more when your an adult and I will never take that from Wyatt. He will be allowed to grow into his own person and I know that I will love him no matter who that person is.cafeadventure5

Would you do the same with your kid?


  1. I was NOT raised like this & worrying about what other people think has transitioned into my adult life. I have vowed to let Collin express himself freely & be his OWN person. He may be MY son, but he is a person. A different person than me. I think we need to remember that as parents.

  2. This makes me smile, giggle and cheer at the same time!  Love.

  3. That is awesome.
    I was KIND OF raised like that, there were a few things that they didn't let me do (like paint my walls whatever color I wanted, but they DID let me get piercings wherever I wanted = strange!).
    I will absolutely love my future kids for what they are and not for what other people or society tells/wants them to be.

  4. Yes I would and I do! I let my daughter's imagination run wild! She loves making up songs and doing little skits for us and telling me stories that she just made up! It is very good to encourage them to explore their imaginations they have way  too much time to be serious!


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