Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello world, its good to be out again.

We had a mid day snack, Wyatt and I. We found our self in a place we’ve never been before but passed daily. Him dress in his super hero gear, me in my pjs with non washed hair but armed with my camera.

cafeadventure18cafeadventure6cafeadventure7  As I walked into this little cafe strategically placed in front of the old train station. I made this tiny placed in my mind, carry more meaning that it normally would. It was my fresh start, my moment to get back out into the real world and breath.

People tell you that the little things in life are what really matter and today I relearned that.


We ate fresh steak sandwiches, munched on the cold Cajon chicken salad and sipped on our hot cocoa while we read the out dated newspapers laughing at the stories we made up to go along with the pictures. And as the trains pass by this old cafe, I thought about how all I wanted to do was slow this moment down. I wanted to be here, like this every day with him.


I left the guilt I felt the days prior and was here this time. Really here, soaking in every minute of it.


I took a depth breath and thought hello world, its good to be out again. Its good to move on.


Now if I can just keep going this way all will be well and I can finally say goodbye to my cabin fever.


  1. Oh my goodness...those goggle shots melt my heart!  What a fun time you spent with your little one...def a memory you made :)

  2. I get perpetually cranky this time of year. The holidays are over, and the season of sick sets in. My house gets stuffy, I long to open windows, redecorrate, crate for my home and rearrange furniture, but the days still get dark too quick, and my camera sits unused to many days. Ahhhh...sunshine please! And I would also like a burger. Thanks.

  3. Everything about this I love!!! IT really is all about the little things!

  4. That looks like such an awesome diner--and I am now seriously craving a steak sandwich right now (they're rather hard to find here in El Paso); I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy yourselves, unwashed hair and pjs and all!  :D

  5. This little get-up just kills me. Too stinkin' cute!!


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