Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Marriage is hard people…

Now, If you have read this blog from the very beginning you know that Cody’s and I relationship has been an interesting one. We have had our ups and downs a lot and once I left him. (But came back after a week)

Marriage is hard people and no one tells you that. A lot of people go into it thinking its your happily ever after and they stop putting in the work. For the first year we were married we did just that. We stopped working on us and of course you are going to fail if you don't try to succeed.

The week that I left, I learned a lot. I learned that I was a selfish little girl. I was acting like a teenager who had hurt feelings and expected him to know why. How could he know why if I never told him. So when I came back home we changed our attitudes and began to look at things differently.




That was almost 2 years ago.

Can I say that we haven't fought and that we’ve been happy ever since of course I cant because we have. But we now take the time to be there for each other and understand each others Love Language.  We work at it because we love each other too much for us not too.

With that being said what I wanted this post to be about was about Love languages  Go take this quiz and see what yours and your significant others is. Because after learning what Cody’s was I understand a little more how to make sure he is feeling like he is loved and him to me.

Here's what ours are:

Cody has two (of course he does.):

Receiving Gifts & Physical Touch

Ha-ha… I love that he likes to be touched and gifts. Isn't he lucky. ;)

And mine:

Words of Affirmation

I want him to tell me how he feels about me alllllllllllll the time. ha-ha.

What's yours?


***SIDE NOTE**** Already I have gotten emails asking if we are fine and If I left him… People please read through the whole post. This was 2 years ago. Not now, We are fine. I love him, he loves me. This was an example. Thanks for your concern. But we are good.******

Join me.

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  1. I definitely need to take this quiz--I feel like my husband and I are still struggling to reintegrate after a year apart and with a toddler and another kid on the way...well, it's pretty easy to take each other for granted.  

  2. Mama said there'd be days like this! hang in the photos

  3. Wow, what an awesome post.   I agree with you 100%.  Marriage needs to be constantly worked on and nourished.
    The best of luck to you both!  **stop by my blog!

  4. We just did this a couple of days ago too and it was so enlightening! I'm words of affirmation and he is affirmation and touch. It's so good to be able to have a little more insight into how we process things and what affects each of us. Of course it all comes back to being gracious no matter how the other person shows their love. It's so great to see you working through the tough stuff:)

  5. Well said!  Marriage isn't easy, but it's rewarding.... sooooo so rewarding.

  6. Great post Audrey! It is true that marriage is hard work but it can be so wonderful and fulfilling if you are both willing to work hard at learning about, understanding and loving one another. The 5 love languages is a great book. It's common to have more than one love language - usually one is stronger than the other. My love language is Words of Affirmation & Acts of Service.
    I wish you both well in your journey together :)

  7. Marriage is really hard. Did you read my Making Love Last on my blog? My church did an awesome series on it!!


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