Sunday, March 18, 2012

Steppin’ Out Vegas style.



<<>>Cody: 311 t-shirt from last years concert, shorts from who knows where and shoes. (this is what he told me to write. thanks love.)<< >>Me: my whole outfit but my shoes are from Deb. shoes, target.<<>>Holly: I don't know but she looks hot t!<<>>


So the only pictures I took with my camera in Vegas were the ones I took when I met Holly. All the other photos I have from that trip were taking on my hubs Iphone since I don’t have one. But… Guess what!?!?! Tomorrow, my contract is up and I will be upgrading to an Iphone!! WHOOHOWOOWHWOWOHWOOOO!! I am soo excited! I see more Instagraming in my future!

 then, she {snapped}


  1. Looks like you had some fun!! And, forgive me if I've told you this before - but your header might be just my favorite of all I've seen (and there are LOTS of them out there, right!!??)

  2. Oh man, it looks like you guys had a blast!  Color me green with envy!  :D

  3. great photos! i love me some vegas!


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