Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So we went to a hockey game.

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Yesterday we went out with our close friends Johnny and Brooke to a hockey game. I love getting together with these two. They are some of our best friends and soon we will be living a lot closer to them. We have already made plans to have weekly dinners with them when we finally move.

I cant wait!

I sooo want to be one of those home owners that hosts all of these fantastic dinner parties with amazing food, good drinks and awesome friends. Its gonna be awesome!


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  1. How fun!! Cute photos.

  2. Fun fun fun. We haven't gotten to any hockey games this year unfortunately.

  3. I want to be one of those homeowners too! I CANNOT WAIT to get into our home, which is actually my childhood home, next year when my dad moves to Duluth. So excited.

  4. Hockey games are so much fun - as evidenced by your excellent shots. :)

    Warrior Cat Adventures

  5. Aw man, I wish I lived closer to you!  I have the feeling that your parties would be amazingly awesome and filled with more fun than is legally allowed.

  6. They would be... I wished we lived closer! (we'd be excellent friends I feel it in my bones! I think of you often.) maybe one day I will have to take a vacation to Texas and visit my old roots and you!


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