Friday, March 2, 2012

Well, Hellooo Friday. You already suck.


  • Today I woke up at 7am. WTF?
  • I couldn't fall back asleep.
  • I only had 4 hours of sleep.
  • Now, I'm not in the best mood.
  • So when Wyatt woke up, he started to watched Star Wars for the 1000th time on the Ipad. which made me wanted to shoot my eye out.
  • Then Cody got to sleep in. (Even when his alarm clock went off f o r e v e r and after I yelled at him to wake up! He still slept in.) That also made me want to shoot my eye out.
  • Plus, it snowed last night. I hate snow.
  • with a passion.
  • where the F is spring?
  • god, I hate snow.
  • I miss the sun.
  • Did a mention, I'm not in the best mood?


But… I am going to change that.

  • I'm gonna take a nap while Wyatt eats breakfast.
  • Then take a long shower.
  • Then put warm clothes on.
  • Do my makeup with the new stuff the hubs bought me yesterday as a surprise. (love him)
  • Then my hair.
  • Clean my house
  • Go sign Wyatt up for T-ball
  • Pick up my niece
  • Let them destroy my house with all the fun they will have.
  • Eat lunch
  • Take Wyatt to see the movie Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax in 3D
  • Eat dinner
  • Then go to sleep at a descent hour, like 2am.

Its gonna be the BEST Friday E V E R! – that's written with out any sarcasm, I swear. ;)


*Don't you just love Wyatt’s drawings?


  1. Wyatt is a pistol! look at the picture! He should have his own show.

  2. Marigoldroad BlogMar 2, 2012, 10:16:00 PM

    dig your humor! now following your blog. hi from kansas where i too HATE snow.


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