Friday, March 23, 2012

Yesterday, the men started to build the master bath…


So as most of you know, We finally became home owners (due to our uncle and aunt helping us out.) but the house needs a lot of work.

Currently every room is completely gutted. We have put in new plumbing, new electrical and they started to build the master bathroom yesterday.

What still needs to be done is well… everything.

  • We have to put in all the new kitchen cabinets, stove, microwave, dishwasher, fridge. etc. (it will be a brand new kitchen.)
  • We have to redo the whole main bathroom and finish the master bathroom.
  • Redo Wyatt's room.
  • Redo our room.
  • Fixed the electrical in the playroom upstairs
  • add electrical the the attic so I can use it as an office.
  • Redo the garage.
  • Build a new door for the kitchen, close the old one.
  • Fixed the living room walls (that we tore down to see if we’d fixed the stairs.)
  • Put new windows in the whole house.
  • add surround sound to the living room.
  • add a car port next to the garage (maybe)
  • clear out all the dead trees and tree trunks from the backyard and front yard
  • make a driveway
  • etc.… etc.… etc.

Phew, there is still a ways to go. But we are working hard or I should say Uncle brad, Cody and grandpa and the cousins are working hard I just stand there watching the men work. ;)

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