Friday, March 23, 2012

Why you should Sponsor us in April!

Because we say the word POOP a lot.
I am offering paid sponsorships on my blog 1 month at a time.
  • Large ads will be located at the top of all sponsors and will be featured in a large sponsor highlighted post.

  • Medium ads will be located underneath the large ads and will be featured in a medium sponsor highlighted post.

  • Small ads will be located underneath the medium ads and will be featured in a small sponsor highlighted post.


  • Large Ad: $20

  • Medium Ad: $15

  • Small Ad: $10

Each month our readership grows. Here are my latest stats…

  • 8,000+ monthly page views  
  • 317 followers via Google connect   
  • 360 average subscribers via my feed burner  
  • 137 Facebook fans 
  • 158 twitter followers 
  • 181 Pinterest followers

[Payment] I only accept payments via Payment must be processed and approved before your button is featured on my blog.

[Giveaways/reviews] are limited to only a few items a month. All items sent to me will be considered for review, but I will only review items on my blog that I am truly passionate about and feel would fit mine and my readers style.

[Ad swaps] I will do an ad swap with you only if you have a blog similar in size to my own. Also I am willing to swap ad space for reviews/goods and/or giveaways *based only on if I think it will fit with my readers.

Cant wait to work with you!

Contact me at:


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