Monday, April 16, 2012

Can I start this post over?


Last night, I whined post you. Blah, this and Blah that. BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Are you sick of it yet?

Gosh, I am.

These last few months I have been saying I have cabin fever that's why I am so down in the dumps. Only if it was warm so I could go outside… Blah blah blah. You know what I did last week on my day off while it was warm outside.


What the hell.

I am so over my self lately. It is time that I suck it up and grow up and for god sake CHEER UP.

So please if I whine one more time this month on this blog please slap me and tell me to man the EFF up!



Anyway, how's your day been? Anything exciting happen?? Mine sucked. All I did was go to work.


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  1. Well for doing nothing your instagrams are gorgeous!  Going to add you.  Hope you cheer up.

  2. i have felt the same way and also thought it was cabin fever. now i am not so sure. i am in a life rut!

  3. You know what might get you out of your funk?  A nice long drive to (extremely) sunny El Paso!  :D

  4. hmmm..... I think it just might. It would take me back to those good old days. :D

  5. Gosh, that is what it is... a life rut. man. lets hope we get out of it soon. We could swap lives for just a little bit. I grew up with a big family it might be fun to join into yours. Hahaaa...

  6. Oh thanks! Let me know when you do I would love to follow along with you too!


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