Sunday, April 15, 2012

very few words.


Do you ever have those moments in your relationship where you feel like you are in two different places? This week has been one of them. If you didn't know, my father in law went in for emergency brain surgery early Wednesday morning. (He had a blood clot in his brain) and just a few hours before this happened, the hubs and I fought over something that had no meaning. So when he got the call at (3am) he left with out letting me know only to text me hours later that this was going on.

Of course this made me forget the fight (which really was nothing in the first place, but I cant seem to let things go. Its one of the problems I have.) I hysterically called him until he answered and begged for him to let me be there for him. Which he refused (since he is stubborn. which is one of his problems) He finally came home after being at the hospital for hours waiting in the waiting room alone only to go to work. Leaving me again to eat my words from the night before.

Finally after he got off work and came home.

We talked briefly leaving words out that needed to be said.

The surgery went well, His dad is out of the ICU and keeps moving in a good direction and is walking on his own now. (Thank you all for your prayers.)

But currently, the hubs and I are saying very few words.

It could be that he is worried about his dad.

It could be that he is still mad.

or it could be both.

I am hoping soon that we will talk and move past the fight that meant nothing.

I know that we will.

What I have learn is that with Cody it takes time for it to do so.

So I will wait. Patiently.

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  1. *Hugs* I'm sorry that whole scenario sucks :( My husband is not great at the whole talking thing, so whenever we fight it takes time. The wait is hard. I hope that you guys can talk it out soon.


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