Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guns, Undies and socks… Don't you know that’s all you really need.


The day started off with a big pile of shizt on the floor. Wyatt didn't make it to the potty in time but he did clean him self off (sorta) before asking for help. (even though I then had to scrub the floor, potty and him after. ugh.) So we ended up taking a morning bath.

After all that wonderfulness… we (by we I mean just him)  lounged around in our undies for awhile as we played guns.


We spent the rest of the morning running errands in the rain. (and by errands I mean shopping for what I want knowing that Cody will be pissed at me later for it. When really all we needed was shampoo and a hair cut. Damn, Target is a money suck.)


To run these “errands” we of course had to dress up as a super hero. Who then turned into a pirate. Who then turned into a “Star Wars bad guy who wears a cape that looks like Darth Mal.”  Duh.


We tried on a ton of sun glasses at Target plus found some cool “worms” in our driveway when we got home.


We ate lunch, played with the cats, read, and blew so many bubbles that I had to go into my secret stash to refill Wyatt’s joyous little bottle that he spilled on me, him, the cats and the sidewalk.

By then I was done. Thank god, I put chicken in the crock pot because by the time it was dinner I was completely overfilled with the amount attention I gave Wyatt today. (that kid demanded a lot today.)


But, needless to say it was a good day off. 

**Side note as I was finishing this post. Wyatt woke up with a runny nose, cough, diarrhea and a fever. Now all the attention he needed makes sense. God, I hate when that happens.**

**Double side note, the father in law is home and doing well. Thank you again for all your prayers.**

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  1. I absolutely  LOVE all the photos!  Your little boy is sooooo cute! <3

  2. Sounds exhausting but very productive day! Moms are actually the real superheroes, don't you think? I hope your little boy feels better soon!

  3. that collage wit rain droplets is beautiful. great pictures!


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