Friday, April 20, 2012

Who are you?


Naomi from Of Anselm wrote this post the other day which inspired me to do the same.

I love and enjoy reading all of the comments I get it. Really I do, they brighten my day and I have made some amazing e-friends along my blogging journey thru them.

But there's a lot of you that are shy about saying hello and I would love to get to know YOU as well.

So here's the deal, I’ll post some questions you answer them, we become friends, maybe we’ll met one day… man…. so many things could happen from this!! Could you imagine!

Ok are you ready?!?!??!?!


1. Who are you?

2. Where are you from?

3. If you have a blog, what's it about?

4. Don't have a blog? Tell me something about yourself. (favorite color, movie, food… whatever.)

5. Do you have kids? How old? Boys/girls? No, do you want some and when?

I know you’ve never commented before or maybe you have here and there. But I would love to get to know YOU or MORE about YOU and who knows maybe we’d become really good friends… have virtual play dates, maybe watch movies over the interwebs… Man. I’m already excited!!! Eeekkk!


  1. 1.Adventures of Modern Mom aka Zulay
    2. The Boogie down! LOL
    3. I do have a blog, it's about my girls, my man, me and this crazy thing called life!
    4.I have so many favorites its just too much!!! LOL
    5. Yes I have two girls 4 and 2 (do you know why now I am a bit looney)

    This was fun!

  2.  Fun!  I have barely posted comments here, but you are possibly my most favorite blogger... Seriously.
    1. Shirley
    2. 20 mins from San Francisco, CA
    3.  I have a little bloggy about my life, dog, and family:
    4.  I started reading this blog when I was pregnant with my first son.  Now I have two!  I still come here for doses of motherhood.  Love your style and I wish I could be a cool, open, and crazy mama as you are!  Basically what I'm saying is if I could be like any mom blogger, it would be you.... but I'm not a stalker or anything... maybe.   :)
    5.  I have one 2 yr old boy and I just had a second 4 month old boy.  No pink bows in my future because I'm done.

    Let's go watch a movie now...

  3. 1. i'm chrissy.  bloggess.
    2. i was born and raised and still stomp the streets of toronto, ontario, canada
    3. 'my dear watson' is about the parts of my life that happen when i'm away from the computer {mostly!} .  the adventure found in the details.
    4.  random fact: i cannot stand green peppers.
    5.  i do not have any human children but i think i'd be really good at it.  i hope.  eep!

    holla at me!  =)

  4. Yay Audrey! 

    1. I'm Naomi.
    2. I'm from Frederick, MD (though I currently live in Missouri)
    3. My blog is just a little something to document my progress at learning to take photos that are worth looking at. It's the little bits of my days and weeks that make me happiest.
    4. I will unfollow people on Pinterest for posting quinoa recipes regularly. It is the only food that actually makes me mad to think about. I. Hate. Quinoa.
    5. I have two kids (a two year old boy and a one year old girl), and we're expecting our third little girl at the end of June :)

  5. Hi! I love this (I may copy you in the future!)
    1. I'm Bailey
    2. I'm from Sacramento, CA, but I currently live in Bavaria, Germany.
    3. My blog covers my life- Lots on travel, food, photos, and everything else that makes me happy. Sometimes things that made me sad too.
    4. Currently, I can't stop eating chocolate and granola.  They have become two things I HAVE to eat every single day- in large quantities.
    5. I don't have kids, but one day, I hope to have two of my own, and adopt two.  The past two years I have been a bit baby crazy, but the time hasn't been right.

    Thanks for this! I would love to hear more about you too!!!
    Happy weekend!


  6. PS- your header is awesome!!!

  7. I didnt know you lived in Missouri. I did when I was a kid. It was filled with crazy snow storms that iced our backyard and made my sister sled into our house and get a concision. Oh the memories.

  8. I think you'd be fantastic at raising human children and I am sorry but I LOOOVE green peppers. You could always give me yours. 

  9. oh you! Thanks for always commenting! I enjoy it! (hehe the boogie down.)

  10. OH MY GOSH!! That crazy! It is so good to meet you and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. I will totally check out your blog! (and I wish sometimes I wasn't as open it gets me in trouble a lot. haha)

  11. Jessica its great to meet you. I have 3 adopted siblings and love them so much. I respect people who want to do that and Chocolate and granola sounds soo yummy!

  12. I'm Andrea
    I'm from Southwestern Ontario...Canada.
    I have a blog about adapting from city to country life with my family.
    I love your photography, it rocks!
    I have two kids, a boy and a girl who both turn 13 this summer. Yikes! Nope, they're not twins, one was adopted but I forget which one...


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