Friday, April 13, 2012

Hello. Hello!

Hello! HELLO everyone who is stopping by from 5 minutes for mom thank you coming to my part of the internet world! This is my second year to participate in the Ultimate Blog Party, and I am excited to meet you and a ton of new friends! YAY!


My name is Audrey. I am a procrastinator, I enjoying embarrassing myself and others but I hate haaaaate (and get super embarrassed like hide in a hole and never come out) when people make fun of how I spell. I know I cant spell, leave it at that. Thanks jerks.

When I am mad I tell people I am going to punch them in their face and I wish that I would but I don’t. Cause I could kill them with the amount of shear power I have in these arms. Man, they’re tough.

I’ll pick on you when I really like you (as a friend dude, I am married. get off this. pssh.) I tend to be very funny and sarcastic but in “real life” I am super deep and tend to get lost in my mind and its hard to get out of it. I am also very artistic until I’m not, then I get depressed and feel like a freakin’ turd plus I love photography. A lot. Its all I talk about really (besides my son.)


This is Wyatt. He is three, he is talker, picky eater, loves to dance, laugh and dress up as different characters. He tells me that he loves me like poop poop butt. (which in boy talk means a lot) If he could he would watch movies all day and currently right now he is obsessed with Star Wars.


This is Cody, the husband.


He hates taking pictures, he hates attention, he hates food. basically he hates life. Hahaaa… just kidding but he does hate all those things. He is completely opposite from me. I am way out going and loud. He is completely shy and quite. I love big crowds. He likes hanging out with no more than 2 people at a time. He is a picky eater and I love food. You see where I am going with this? opposites attract. What can I say? Its nothing but entertaining and can cause some interesting fights. But man, do we love each other.


This blog is not only about my family but about my love for photography. I host Texture Thursday. A place to link up photos that you have added texture too or found natural texture in. I also love to display all the photos I take when Wyatt and I go on Spontaneous Adventures together.

Here are some of my all time favorite photos I have taken in the last year…

colorfestivalcopy8colorfestivalcopy32colorfestivalcopy31leaftripoceanbeachvaca2Look what I found after the rain storm today...rainstormcopy10icantgetoverit4horseparadepreview3duckpound3parktripwithsherri27Teena's Family SessionGrandma's Lilacs2011may3yellowflowers1Irritability

Plus I also do tutorials, Before and Afters, and How to’s so that you can learn a long with me.

Thanks so much for visiting! And Welcome! Ps you can also find me here:

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  1. hi! stopping by to visit from UBP. i really like the way you write, it's pretty similar to my style. like you're actually talking to that person. you seem funny, and i think we're going to have a lot in common. i'm your newest follower. feel free to drop by and say hello if you'd like!

  2. What expressions I wish I lived closer so we could take our kids on adventures together!!! My Olivia loves to play dress-up and I could see her and Wyatt being buddies! I hate spelling also so no worries!! I am dropping by as I explore my first UBP 12! Can't wait to see more photos and learn more about your family! Hope you'll come over and say hello!!! Have a GREAT FRIDAY and Happy BLOGGING! :)

  3. I think we have the same glasses :)

    Stopping by from UBP to say hello.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. just stopping by from the blog party beautiful lady! i just don't visit your blog enough. i love every photo you ever take and i just know that if we lived closer we would get along so well. and our husbands seem quite alike as well. while we have fun, they can sit in a corner and hate life. HAHAHAHAHA!  

  5. Um, yeah... your photos are way beautifuller than mine. That's my word, don't make fun. I think I'm going to follow along so I can take part in the texture Thursday business! (love)

  6. Your pictures are great! Stopping by from the party!

  7. Wow, I love all your incredible pictures!  I can always another humorous blog in my reader! New follower from UBP12 - would love for you to stop by my blog. 

  8. Oh YAY! please do and I hope that you link up Thursday! (and I use the word beautifuller too ;) )

  9. Well gees! What am I going to do with you!!? And I've said many times before... MOVE CLOSER! gosh. and whats up with the men now days. losers. Haahaa

  10. Kid adventures are awesome! Maybe one day they will meet. That would be cool!

  11. Well Deanna! Thanks for stopping by. Im glad you've come to my part of the world. and ps... I have been secretly stalking you for a few months now. haha.. (I'm not very good at leaving comments. Sham on me.) So I am glad that you and I will become blogging friends!

  12. Just discovered you on UBP and LOVE LOVE LOVE dress up days!  I should indulge in them more with my little superman!

  13. Jeez I got to the bottom of this post and i'm still chuckling at ur banner I love it! what a cutie!! you have amazing talent and good humor all flattery aside I will be following your blog religiously from now on (but not in a stalkery way :/ ) 

  14. I'm partying with you. I'm the one in the corner amazed at the pictures and the strong personalities on the web! :)

  15. Love that top pic of your son. That's classic! And this is quite an awesome year, at least photography wise. WOW!! Thanks for sharing! 

  16. I don't know how to tell you this...but I think I love you. No! Really! I'm not a stalker! But I so rarely find someone in my general age group with the same name. Increasingly I'm noticing that people aren't actually talking to me when I'm at playgrounds with my kid, they are actually talking to their tiny tot daughters named Audrey. *sigh* I thought I was popular n' stuff.  ;)   #UBP12


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