Sunday, April 22, 2012

Links to love on a Sunday night.


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First things first did you see that my photo was featured on the PW Blog? – yep, pretty excited about that.

2. I am in love with all of Keri Anne's B&W photography she takes of her son.

3. I love movie nights and these treats look fantastic for them.

4. This takes playing with food to a new level… and sorta freaks me out.

5. Its getting to be ice cream season. Yes, there is a season and this is it. duh.

6. Do you have a guy in your life? Do you buy him gifts? Check out Holly’s Gift guide.

7. Think I want to buy this Iphone case. Or this one. What do you think?

8. If she sang this song instead I’d like it more.

9. THIS print will go in my office at the new house.

10. You should check out this Video. It’ll make you cry. Then you need to check out this post.

Okay now I am off to take care of the sick men in the house… yaay! I'm soooo excited!


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