Friday, May 18, 2012

Ok not “kill, kill” But…

Right now, I could seriously kill my animals, husband and child. Ok not “kill, kill”… but threaten to take a week vacation with out them. Some place preferably on the beach, with a nice cold drink in my hand. Music playing and a lot of internet searching with a ton of blog reading. Awe…. that would be the life.

::pause just for a moment and breath in that beach air that I am soo day dreaming about at this very moment, I might just get in my car and drive the whole 18+ hours to Cali so I can sit on the beach. serious I just might::


Its currently tomorrow, even though its still today and with that I mean, it is early in the morning. The house is officially asleep and I have that “free time” that us all moms beg for. But its at the cost of staying up way too late, waking up to the next day with barely any sleep, which then in turns makes me grumpy and literally pissed off at everything.

Wyatt, has been a heck of a toddler lately. He is officially “talking back” to me and trying to shove his opinions down my throat like he has some type of mind or something. “No, mommy we need to do this.” “mommy what i am saying is this..” “I asked you so many times to do this for me mom” “Mom. no. this. that.” –OMG, I want to literally pull my hair out from my head and tie it in a rope and hang my self with it. Seriously, I do. okay not seriously but OMG, come on child.

Then you got the whole husband who is just well, acting like the “nice guy” and making me the “mean mom.” which makes me want to shoot him. and… AND, he is totally slacking on his chore, which is laundry. So I have been wearing dirty clothes because I REFUSE to do it. refuse. So much so, that he actually did it today (because I kept saying over and over how dirty Wyatt's clothes where.) but it is currently balled up in the laundry basket unfolded, which will sit there until:

1. I fold it.

2. Nag him to death and make him do it. which will then make us fight.

neither are good choices.


Plus, we got this new puppy (omg, he is sooo cute.) Which some how turned into a mammas boy, who follows me around everywhere and is always at my feet. That then makes the husband claim that he is just mine so he doesn't have to take care of him. Which makes me want to punch myself in the eye. Because for Christ sake, take him out side to pee for once!


Then you got our cats, who hate our new dog so all they do is hiss and chase each other.Which they only do it at night, which is a perfect time to wake up Wyatt and the rest of our neighbours because that's such a great idea! 

Oh, its been thrilling. [don't even get me started on work. It’s been sucking lately.]

Man. I need a vacation.




Ps. sorry about not hosting Texture Thursday this week. I spaced it. Plus we have had funeral overload this week (all on Cody's side.) Next week it will be up. Sorry.


  1. OH what a life! lol. Sometimes you just need a mary poppins wand to wave you there! I will totally join you on that beach trip ;-) It would be so relaxing. and amazing. and no kids or dirty clothes or peeing adorable animals!!! :)

  2. Very well written! lol!  Life happens, and sometimes all you can do is laugh!  ...or kill someone..whichever comes first..  ;)  Have a good weekend!!

  3. We all have those days!!! 

  4. Your new puppy is adorable, but I can just imagine the chaos!  Your photos of your kittys are wonderful. The one on the right just makes want to reach out and pet him/her.

  5. I feel ya!  Toddlers are rough sometimes, husbands... well, I don't have one anymore.. heehee... no I didn't kill him ;0) and I get so frustrated at my dogs too.  That puppy is freakin cute though!  So anyhoo, I love your blog and nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award (which means you won lol) check out my versatile blogger post.

  6. I am so right there with you.  For serious.  I say we leave in the middle of the night and meet up at a rendezvous point somewhere and find ourselves a nice little vacations spot free from husbands, children, and pets.  Oh man, that sounds like such a great idea--we need to make this happen!


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