Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kipper the dog


I want to welcome the newest member to our family.

Kipper the dog (well 2 month old puppy.)

He was an unplanned surprise that we inquired today. My sister couldn't keep him due to stupid landlords so we gracefully and happily took him in. He’s part shih tzu and part chiwawa and part adorable.

So far the cats don’t like him but we already love him.

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  1. I love puppies!!! Awww! And Wy & him can grow up together!

  2. Me too! and Wyatt was having such a good time with him already! It was adorable!

  3. If your dog goes missing, you can assume it was me. =) LOVE HIM!!

  4. Life with KaishonMay 15, 2012, 10:34:00 PM

    Ohmygoodness. Ohmygoodness. OH MY GOODNESS! Your Kipper is just the cutest thing EVER! What a sweet little puppy. Adorable to the max.

  5. Love your style and P-U-P-P-Y! Wyatt must be thrilled!

  6. Kipper is such a cutie. And Wyatt looks like he may have had a growth spurt. Maybe it's just my imagination. He's just as cute as ever, though. And your header? It kills me every time. Talk about assault by cuteness!

  7. Oh how fun.  A boy and his dog.  Perfect combo!!

  8. Oh man, Kipper is ADORABLE.  Wyatt is going to have some competition in the cute department.  ;)

  9. Oh how CUTE!!  And now I have the Kipper the Dog song running through my head... ;)

    Angry Bird Launching 101

  10. God bless you for taking the dog...that was really a great thing to do!! He is just adorable and will be a huge delight in your eyes. We have a Yorkie and he is just something else...keeps us on our toes.


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