Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I over did it yesterday.

I cried hysterically at Cody last night. Blamed everything on him, told him that he never supports me. which is a lie. It was 10pm we just got home from picking up the last of the stuff for my vacation to Zion's next week and I hurt. Hurt bad. All I wanted to do was lye down and hurl up into a ball and cry my self to sleep because I over it did.

My day went as followed… I woke up a 8:30am went to work, stayed there until 2pm went home and started packing up Wyatt’s room until 5pm. Cody came home from work and asked if I was ready to go shopping for Zion's. I got up, dressed myself again, and off we went to the 3 different stores where I walked the entire way bending, holding, dancing with Wyatt. This would be fine any other day if it wasn't 3 days after I had surgery.

I am one of those people who refuses to use “little things” like surgery as an excuse. I never milk it and I never demand that everyone take care of me and everything around me because I am in pain. I did the same thing after I had a C-section with Wyatt. That's just how I am. But yesterday, I can and will admit that I should have not done any of those things. I should of laid in bed watched Netflix and enjoyed my time off because today that is exactly what I am going to do...


I'm gonna Relax


  1. i can almost hear the unwritten "damnit!" after the final sentence.  isn't it crazy that we women have to find reasons to justify caring for ourselves?

  2. Let your body heal, woman! But I hear you, I am the same way! Three c-sections in 2.5 years and I finally got my ass kicked, right back to the hospital where I almost died. So although you may not be THAT bad off, take care, or I'll come find you and beat the healing into you.



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