Tuesday, June 5, 2012

um, yeah I cant sleep.

Its 3 am and I should be sleeping. In fact I was sleeping until the husband woke me like he did when we were teenagers. It was wonderful but he fell back asleep and I ended up staying awake. Grr.


I have been off the grid a little with this whole blogging world not because I didn't want to post a thousand times but because I have been a busy little momma.

Here are some things that has happened in the last 4 days:

  1. The kid broke my iPhone, which led to a trip to the apple store in SLC. Which led to visiting the new mall they just built. Which was amazing! but also led to a fix phone only $30 later.
  2. I purchased a new iPhone case called Life proof and I can not wait to take it underwater this summer!
  3. I busted my toe into a tree stump which tore off the tip of my pinkie toe. It hurts and I feel like an idiot.
  4. We are getting closer to moving into our new house. Sheetrock is up, we picked out our kitchen cabinets, carpet, and kitchen floor. We also picked out our kitchen appliances. Eeee!! (all being purchased by our aunt and uncle cause they are amazing. seriously, we couldn't do all this with out them.)
  5. Tomorrow, We are going to finalize what paint colors we want for where. Purchase samples and likely try them out.
  6. I have been getting things together for our summer vacation that's happening at the end of June. We are going to be camping for a week in Zion's National Park. Lots of hiking and lots of sun. (Ps. Cody will not be going on due to he hates camping. So I will be going with my mom, dad, one of the sisters and my niece.)
  7. I miss Kipper the dog. He has been staying at my in laws for the last couple days. Just because we are worried that our landlords will be coming around due to the fact that it is the beginning of the month. And we can not be kicked out right now.
  8. The main reason I have not blogged for the past 4 days is because well, I have been addicted to watching Weeds on Netflix. Seriously, love it.


Okay… I am now off to bed to try to get back to sleep.  Goodnight.


  1. Seriously? Underwater? I had to go check it out. Although, I don't have an iPhone.. I WANT one!! Lol. And those pictures are breathtaking!

  2. I am so so jealous of your up coming camping trip!
    Sorry about your toe :( I recently broke mine on the couch... then right after it healed broke it again on the same couch corner....

    Also, did you try to put in your ad yet? I had a couple of people have problems. Let me know!

  3. Its gonna be fun! and toes broken suck! and yes, I did have some problems but I fixed it. sheesh. sorry. 

  4. Oh thanks! and You should get an iPhone! I love mine and I will be taking my phone underwater today!! eeee!


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