Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well I guess this is goodbye.

bring the awesome1
Yep. its true. I will not be blogging, I might not even be tweeting or instagramming because well

I will be on


Oh yeah!!! chug a chug a!

Right now as you are reading this I am in the car driving my way to Zion’s National park in St. George. We will be camping in a tent for a whole week because that's the only way to do it duh!

There will be lots of hiking. LOTS of hiking.

and there will not be a shower. So uh, Wyatt and I will be truly ruffin’ it!  bring on the grim!

We are going with my momma, daddy and sister and her daughter. (it was going to be the whole family but you know how that goes when you’re all old, everyone seems to get life's pshhh.)

and yep, you read that right the husband will not be coming with us. He doesn't camp. Lame! oh plus he works. Whatever. (he's just lame, I think he wanted a free wifeless/kid less week.)

I did schedule a few posts so you might see some action around here. but not much. If you want to know what's going on with us check out my instagram and twitter because I know if I have a signal I will be posting some stuff because lets be real I cant go with out doing those.



  1. Have a great trip! I can't wait to see pics of you in all of your smelly, dirty glory!  :D

  2. I might just mail you my dirty socks afterwords. Just so you can see how much fun I did have Ms L. (next vaca texas? hmmmm....)


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