Wednesday, July 25, 2012

an old poem

I love the way you look in the morning when you first wake up. The way your eyes slowly open to discover the light, your hair mashed and squished against the pillow.
The way you look towards me in the mirror as I fix my hair and lightly brush my make up on. The way you grudgingly get out of bed and touch my back as you pass me.
The way you thoughtfully say you love me and kiss my forehead. The way you grab the keys to warm up my car.

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The way you sit out in the cold while I finish my morning routeing to keep my seat warm. The way you drop me off at work each morning even when its out of your way.
The way you call me while your busy at work just to let me know that you love me.The way your face lights up as your picking me up from work.
The way you laugh at the stupid nonsense I say as we pull into your driveway. The way you look at me in deep thought as you get out of the car.

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The way you come into your room with a slight smile on your face after you’ve brushed your teeth. The way you sit right next to me on your bed and we talk until our thoughts run dry. The way we head back to my apartment holding hands quietly and I love the way at night just before we slip into a deep sleep you kiss and tell me you love me holding me tight for me to know that no harm will happen to me.


Being really mellow ♥ 
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The way you try to get comfortable on my hard bed just to be next to me when I know you wish to be in yours and the way I know that I will love you always.

And Oh how I love the way you look in the morning when you first wake up.


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