Monday, July 23, 2012

Boxes have been moved in.


Omg, people. We have carpet, which means we started moving boxes in. But lets not get too excited because we wont be in “in” for a few more weeks (or another month) We have until Sept 1 to get out of our apartment So my plan is to start doing one room at a time. Pack and then unpack and put it all away.

We will see if that's going to work but for now that's the plan I got. Tomorrow the kitchen will be pack and ready to be moved in. Unless it gets interrupted because if you live in Utah you know its Pioneer day which means parades bbqs and fireworks which we are going to do 100% (since our fourth was not really that exciting.) I just hope that I get my packing act together to get this plan a rollin’

Can you believe its move in time!?! Yeah, me either.

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