Saturday, November 17, 2012

Last minute DIY Turkey Wreath

Hey guys,

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I thought I would share a do it your self turkey wreath that takes less than 10 minutes to make.

First you will need to gather the supplies.




-1 Styrofoam wreath

-2 small Styrofoam balls

-1 Styrofoam triangle

-brown glitter

-brown and yellow paint



-1 red foam paper

-googly eyes

-2 multicolour feather boas.











Once you gather all of those you need to paint your the bottom half of the foam wreath brown and then douse it in the brown glitter also paint the triangle yellow. (you could add glitter to this too)

::let dry::

Then wrap the feather boas around the top half, attach the googly eyes to the foam balls with glue then attach a toothpick to the bottom of each eye and place it on the bottom half of the wreath.

Cut out a gobble using the red foam paper and glue it to the yellow triangle.

::let dry::

Attach a toothpick on the bottom of the yellow triangle and place it to the bottom half of the wreath under the eyes.

Hang, and enjoy.

Now wasn't that Easy?

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