Tuesday, November 20, 2012

and I mummer…


I'm there. I am to the point where the stress is stuck deep in my chest and its not leaving. The anxiety is bursting its way down my arms and I can feel it shaking its way out of the tips of my fingers and I could literally grab onto something and not let go and squeeze until it feels the same stress I do.


I think that might be the only way for it to go away.


When I sit and close my eyes and try to find the source of it all I feel is it bubbling up in my throat and I mummer…


work, husband, deadlines, lies, the lack of me time, bills, money, life, husband, work, dirty dishes… the mundane.


I have said it and I will say it again, I need an adventure. I need the surprise up and go, drive until we cant drive anymore, no plans, wind in my hair, wild nights, freedom. I need freedom.



  1. wow these shots are amazing--moody and evocative. When I first saw the first shot, I thought it was crystals from a chandelier! Amazing clarity!

  2. i agree with above.
    i`m sorry for your stress, but you made an -amazing- post out of it. ♥

  3. these photos are AMAZING
    the mundane is so spirit-crushing
    praying for grace :) and sending lots of love.

  4. Gah! I know this feeling oh so well. Had a good cry during my tub soak yesterday. Thanks for the share.


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