Thursday, January 24, 2013

Note to self: Don't Google while pregnant.


If you didn't know from my Facebook posts and my Instagrams I have been in some extreme morning/all day sickness and this is the first day that I have actually not been to the point of needed to be by the toilet all day. I so far have yet to throw up. (even though I have had the nausea all day.)

I have tried everything from eating every two hours, to snacking all day, to only eating banana creamys, to drinking a ton of water, to well just allowing my self to just throw up. It is so bad that I have nausea all day long even after I throw up and then when I do, I throw up so hard that I peed my pants.  Yes, I have peed my pants.

And now I am starting to think that it might be because I have 2 kids in there instead of one. I swear with Wyatt I threw up but it wasn't anything like this and I am literally freaking my self out. I have googled “symptoms of twin pregnancy.” and well there is a lot out there to freak the freak out of you.

What if I was prego with twins? I mean that would be cool but also I think I would shiz my self if I was.

What the hell would I do with 2 babies? Cody would most likely leave me (okay he wouldn't but my god he would be in some extreme state of mind.) and I would not be able to work. at least not for a few years… I just don't know. It would be super crazy.

My first doctor appointment is Feb.6 so I have to hang on until then but for now I need to stop Googling because it can be a dangerous tool to pregnant women.


  1. AH! Yer preggo! Congrats! And I thought I was having twins too because this pregnancy has been 100% different from the last three, especially in the weight department, but alas, it seems everything with the fetus is exactly the same as the other three, ha ha ha. When are you due??

  2. thank for the memories! we have been trying, but nothing yet! i'd love to have twins again! not sure if hubby would be okay with it though... hang in there it gets better!

  3. My Mom was sick the entire time she was pregnant with me and then she carried me a month and a half longer than scheduled (Hey, it was the 80's) and she still complains about it. With my pregnancies I think I peed my pants more than my far share!! And now, my youngest is almost 5 and I still have to squeeze my legs together when I sneeze! Joys of motherhood. Wow....I really gave you some TMI, didn't I?! Great blog, I'm a new follower! - Nicole from

    1. HI!! and WELCOME! and I love TMI I do... A lot so share I am down for some nitty gitty stuff. and yes I peed my pants before this pregnancy too so I get it. I will now head to your blog and check you out sista!


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