Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bad idea.

Now I know that I am new to this cleaning everyday thing but what gets me so mad is that Cody tries to make me feel like I haven’t being doing it lately.

Yesterday he comes home from work and is all irritated and starts to pick up the toys that were on the living room floor and is grunting angrily as he is doing this. And I say what?! He doesn’t answer me so I leave it alone because I know that he is mad that I didn’t pick them up. I think to myself FIRST of all Wyatt is sick and wanted nothing but to be held all day so how am I suppose to clean with him that way?
SECONDLY it’s like 5 toys your really going to get mad that I didn’t pick up 5 GOD DAMN TOYS? Ugh *shaking my head*

So this morning I know that I have to do the things I missed yesterday and my chores for today. So I start to clean while Wyatt was playing. I’m scrubbing the windows and taking everything out of my kitchen to mop the floors just so you understand what I am about to say Cody has this habit of keeping EVERYTHING I swear if I wasn’t the type of person who threw things away or even donated things Cody would end up being a hoarder.

 It is so bad that we have a whole storage shed filled with things that doesn’t have any type of purpose. We have boxes for electronics that we don’t even have anymore, card board cut outs of produce that he has taken from work and he will even keep the tiny pieces of broken items that we don’t even know what they go to anymore so you can’t even fix them but if I suggest that we throw things away he flips out!

I did make him one day go through everything and throw things away and that ended up in a big fight and he was depressed for days. And we still have more than half of what I wanted to get rid of.

A couple of days ago I went through my closet and emptied out things I didn’t use, wear or what we didn’t need. And I also went through Cody’s stuff. I try to do this every so often when he is not home so I can’t get rid of things. I ended up not finishing the project and left the box of stuff I was going to though away in the bed room.
Bad idea.

Today I told Cody that he needed to throw away that computer chair which was broken because we don’t use it now and we won’t EVER use it again and it’s in the way. Of course he is mad about this idea and tries to fight me on it. And I wasn’t having it I also tell him to throw away that box in there which was another bad idea.
He leaves to throw the items away and I continue to finish scrubbing the kitchen floor.

After awhile I didn’t notice him come back so I go to look for him.
I walk outside and he is still on the porch sifting through the box of stuff I was going to throwing away and he is MAD. He has a handle full of items and starts to question why I am throwing everything away.

He picks up an old name badge holder that I had from a job 5 years ago and asks why I am throwing this away? Because I don’t need it I tell him. But he says that he could use it for his work. I tell him well then you better use it today or I will throw it away while you are at work because I don’t believe you will use it. He puts it in his “KEEP” pile he has in his hand. And then he proceeds to grab out old pens and I tell him that they don’t have any ink in them. But he says he’s going to check them later because I just ALWAYS just throw things away. We continue to fight about everything I wanted to throw away until I give up and walk away and then after awhile he finally throws the box away with some things left inside it and brings the others back in. now I am irritated.

I leave it alone though and I finish cleaning and he goes off to work and then I go and try to find this stash he hide from me so I can throw those things away. But I think he took it with him because I have no idea where he put it but believe you me I will find it and I will throw it away like I always do.
Seriously Cody why do we have to keep everything?!!?!?! I know it has to do with your
manic depressant anxiety disorder. Plus the OCD that you have but I sometimes just can’t handle it. It just STUFF! Stuff seriously that’s it. That’s I how think about it anyway but to him it’s the end of the world. But I will NOT become one of those households you see on that show hoarders so I will fight to the death if I have too. Don’t test me.   


  1. Me and my boyfriend have arguments because he is a hoarder and I am obsessive compulsive about cleaning. It's to the point where if my house is clean I can't fall asleep because I keep thinking about the dishes in the sink. He's helped me calm down A LOT and learn that sometimes it's just about playing with the kids and don't worry about the dishes they will be there tomorrow. It has taken us 4 years but we are at the point now that is a happy medium for the most part. He actually helps me clean now without being ASKED! LOL But as for the hoarding. I saw down with him, and I said, "You know I love you, and I'm not going to leave you - but you really need to deal with this issue of keeping all these things that we don't need, there isn't enough room" We talked about it calmly and found out he has a hard time letting things go due to deaths in the family and I can understand that. So we've done it little by little. I'll give him a garbage bag and say, Hey when you are up to it, go through your clothes and such and see if there is anything to donate or throw away ok? And I leave it at that. If he doesn't do - I do it when he's gone. I've donated 3 garbage bags of HIS clothes and he hasn't even noticed any of it gone. I've never seen him wear any of it in 4 years so I didn't think it would be missed LOL

  2. I'm your latest follower, coming from MBC! Some days I feel like I do so much and when hubby comes home, he makes me feel as if I did NOTHING!

  3. Motivated Mommy, see I think my problem is that I dont think I just react to the situation and become annoyed that he has these "problems" that I dont understand which then inturns makes us both become stubborn that we do what we want instead of doing whats best for us. so Im going to take your advice and try to be more calm about it next time. thanks! and Today on I feel ya! sometimes I dont think men understand that being a mother and taking care of the household is a full time job. I know that my hubby has said to me sometimes that he thinks I just play around all day. and IM LIKE WHAT?!?!?! how did your clothes get washed and dinner is ready and your son is bathed and put to sleep did that happen all on its own? so just hang in there. hopefully one day men will understand. :D and ps I am now following both of you! thanks for reading and thanks for the comments I hope you keep coming back for more. :D

  4. I'm your latest follower, coming from MBC! Some days I feel like I do so much and when hubby comes home, he makes me feel as if I did NOTHING!


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