Monday, February 8, 2010

Yeah you know who you are.

The first thing I want to say is that if by now if you can’t tell I am very sarcastic person I just bluntly write about how I FEEL about things. Now this doesn’t mean that I DON’T love my husband or that we don’t have great wonderful moments. So the people who want to cause problems (yes, you know who you are.) and start saying things to Cody trying to make him feel embarrassed about what I write about THAT DOESN’T HELP ANYTHING! All that does is make you feel better about yourself because you just wanted to cause drama GOOD JOB you did.

Now Cody knows what I write about and he knew that I was and is going to be 100% honest we talked about it before I started writing but he is the type of person who likes to not TALK about things and he doesn’t like people to know our business and I know that my writing on this blog about certain situations will make people want to know about us and wonder if we are having problems but people ASK ME! Not him let him live in his fantasy world of not EVER talking about his feelings.

So to CLEAR UP ANYTHING we did have issues early this year and yes I did say some mean things that certain people know about but we are fine now we are trying to learn to love each other like we did before certain things came up in our relationship. Yes WE still do LOVE each other but we are working on our marriage so we can get back to how we use to be.

This blogs purpose is to write about how I feel about being a mother and how I feel about being a wife and I want to let people know that if I can survive hard situations in motherhood being a wife or in just BEING A PERSON than you can too.
So please just let Cody be and stop making things into something that is it not.

Secondly, I have being trying to do one craft a day or an activity with Wyatt so he has more variety in the day then just playing with his toys and watching Mickey. So I will try to start to post what we did for the week on Friday so come back and check it out and if you have any ideas I would love to hear them!

So since I started in the middle/end of the week here is what we did last week today enjoy.


1/4 cup salt
1 cup flour
1/4 or more as need of hot water.
add food color if you like (We just painted it with finger paints)
 stir/kneed until it becomes a ball.
And BAM your done!

We also painted and cut out the alphabet and tape them on his bedroom door.
then all day we sang and talked about them.

One of the days we also made Peanut butter bars you can get the recipe here

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