Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This was just to cute not too share so while I was putting Wyatt down to bed tonight this was the conversation we had.

Me: Wyatt did you have fun today?

Wyatt: yaah

Me: did you have playing with the play dough?

Wyatt: yaah

Me: are you going to show daddy your sculptures?

Wyatt: Daddy?

Me: yeah dad?

Wyatt: Lub daddy.

Me: you love daddy? That’s good. Did you love mommy?

Wyatt: Lub mama

Me: do you love grandma?

Wyatt: Gram lub

Me: do you love grandpa?

Wyatt: lub

Me: do you love aunt Na?

Wyatt: Na lub Na

Me: do you love Aunt Brebre?

Wyatt: lub

We go on this way for awhile until he told me to sing a song but he said it this way "tig tig" and then we held hands through the crib bars as he fell asleep it was just too cute.

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