Friday, February 12, 2010

I somehow managed to pull it off. (Well Sort of.)

This week I was trying to do one craft or activity with Wyatt each day. Now this sounds easier than it was. First of all Wyatt is in the in between stage of being a baby and being a toddler so it was kinda hard to find crafts that he could do by himself. But I did try to do a lot of them for with him.

Monday we did Valentines which was a lot of fun. I had Wyatt finger paint on regular paper while I made some cards. I used his pictures that he finger painted for the insides of the cards. I would cut them out and make them into butterflies and hearts and pasted them on the inside of the cards and wrote messages in there as well. On some of the other ones I had him use crayons and color scribble on the insides of those cards so he ended up helping the best he could and they were very cute.

Supplies used were:
• Construction
• paper
• scissors
• glue
• paint
• crayons
• markers
• glitter
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Tuesday we built a fort. Everyone should know how to build one but if not we just used chairs and the couches to hold up blankets that we threw on top of them. I ended up bringing out a flashlight for him to shine on the inside of the fort. he thought that was a blast. We also ate snacks, colored, played with toys and even watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
 feb2010 073 feb2010 087
feb2010 085
 Wednesday was all about shapes. First we made homemade pretzels and shaped them into circles, hearts, triangles and squares.
feb2010 111
Here is the recipe for the pretzels:

You will need
• 1 egg
• 1 Tb cold water
• 2 Tb salt
• 1 1/3 cup of WARM water
• 1 pkg yeast
• ½ teaspoon salt
• 3 ¼ cup flour

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
In a separate bowl put 1 1/3 cup WARM water and 1 pkg of yeast (1 Tb Spoon) then set aside for 5 min.
In a mixing bowl add 1 Tb of sugar ½ teaspoon salt 1 cup flour mix then add the yeast mixture and mix all together add remaining flour mix until a dough forms. Roll out then shape into pretzels.
Beat egg add 1 Tb water brush over each pretzel then sprinkle with salt. Cook for 5 – 10 min until golden brown on top.

After we enjoyed our pretzels we then proceed to make dangling Shapes.

You will need:
• String
• construction paper
• random trinkets
• glitter
• scissors
• hole punch
• tape
• crayons
• markers
• glue

You will want to draw or trace out different shapes, then color or glue any type of trinket onto the shapes, cut them out, whole punch them, add the string and then hang them from the ceiling. Make sure while you are doing this that you talked about each shape your making you want to make sure that this is a learning experience.
feb2010 091  feb2010 092
feb2010 096
 Thursday we learned about numbers I think by this time Wyatt was done with all crafts so we did this very quickly and he only lasted about 20 mins until he wanted to do something else. I took paper plates and drew the numbers 1-10 on each plate. Then I got out his favorite cereal fruit loops and had him place 1 fruit loop per number. He got the hang of it pretty quickly but then it become more fun to eat the fruit loops then too put them on plates. But I was surprised with how he actually understood me when I would tell him to put a certain amount of the plate he would. He did it for the # 4 and the # 7 without hesitation. I was Very impressed.
feb2010 101 feb2010 110
feb2010 099 feb2010 105
Today we didn’t do anything because I worked and then after work Cody and I shopped and spoiled the shit out of Wyatt.
(Gotta love tax season.)
The things I will do differently would probably be...not a craft every day maybe rotate them do one craft one day cook something the next and do an activity after that or even once a week. (I will see how this week goes.) Because while he loved it at the beginning of the week by the end he seemed sick of it and to tell you the truth I was sick of it too.

It was amazing to see how he responded though. He looked at each thing with open eyes and I was so proud of him when he caught on to what I was telling him to do. He is such a little smarty pants.

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