Thursday, February 11, 2010


Now I have never wanted to be that mom that lets her children walk all over her. I have always commanded respect in everything I have done in my life and if I haven’t gotten it well, it becomes World war 3.

Lately I have been slipping on giving Time outs because first he cries and then I feel bad. Second Cody has a hard time with me giving them. He will just beg Wyatt the whole time to “just listen please just listen to mamma.” so I feel like I am an awful person.

But no more misses nice momma! I want to be that mom that every kid respects and I know that the only I can achieve that is to discipline and I feel like the earlier you do it the easier it is.

So today after all the craft/music/dancing time I did with Wyatt I expected him to help me clean up. Wyatt did help a little here and there but then when I would ask him to pick up the crayons he ignored me. So I’d ask again and he would come close to doing it but then he would “pretend” that something else was more interesting than to pick up his crayons. I let him do this for a little bit until I was soooo annoyed that I wasn’t going to take it anymore. So I did something drastic. Something so awful that any 1 year old kid would shiver in fear just at the sound of the dreaded word I did a TIMEOUT!

Since I haven’t done one with Wyatt for about a week we had to start at the very beginning. Which means that I felt like it would take him at least 5 or 6 times of being in time out before he would do what I had asked of him.


(Always give just ONE warning)

1. Get down to their level.

2. Talk in a deep/stern sounding voice and explain why you are giving them a time out.

3. Put them in a “time out spot” the same one if you can each time.

4. Set a timer 1 min per age.

5. Ignore any cries for attention

6. If they get out of the time out spot PUT THEM BACK there but don’t say anything when you do and start the timer over.

7. When the timer rings tell them again why you put them in timeout and ask for a sorry and a hug. (If they don’t give one start again.)

*And if the reason why you are putting them in time out is to clean up something or do something you asked they must go and do just that right after the time out is done or you will need to put them back in time out.*

I sat Wyatt down on his time out spot and started the timer. He got up just once so I had to start over. He sat for his full min but when we came back to the living room for him pick up his crayons he couldn’t do it because he was crying so hard and just wouldn’t calm down. And when he cries like this I mean he is full on so dramatic that he has his hand over his face wailing with tears bouncing off his checks.

Now this is the type of cry he does to get away with anything. (Just ask grandpa Corbridge Wyatt gets him each time.) But I don’t fall for it. I say “Wyatt if you don’t stop crying and pick up these crayons you will be in time out again.” (His one warning.) He doesn’t stop so I pick him up and put him back in time out. He doesn’t get up this time and when the timer rings he actually stops crying and I ask for a sorry and a hug (he just hugs because he can’t say sorry yet.) and I tell him to go and pick up his crayons and put them away.

And to my amazement (cause I thought this would go on for at least an hour.) he does. I wanted to cry because I was so happy and proud of him. It just makes me think of how much of a big boy he is becoming. Pretty soon he will be a teenager and god; I don’t know what I will do then.


  1. What a good boy. :D I can't wait to give timeouts to my little one lol.


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