Friday, February 26, 2010

My Live List

I have be inspired by one of the Most Amazing Blogs EVER  one of my top favorites and she is currently collecting LIVE LIST so here is mine. ( In no particular order.)

  • Find the love of my life and marry himscan0033
  • throw a big bash for my 11/11/11 birthday!
  • take an art class
  • skydive
  • learn how to cook by a real chief
  • take a spontaneous vacation
  • Become a mom 
  • pregnant 004Wyatt 015


  • sing in the rain
  • make a real mud pie
  • write a book
  • learn how to sew well
  • go real life down and dirty camping
  • Go on a cruise DSCF0306
  • buy a house
  • reach my weight loss goal and keep it off
  • build an amazing tree house
  • go on a hot air balloon ride
  • build an igloo
  • canoe
  • go some where I have never been before in the state that I live in
  • move out of state with my family
  • go to central park in NYC
  • go on a horse carriage ride
  • walk the great wall of china
  • learn to surf
  • travel to Europe
  • ride in one of fancy boats in Vince Italy
  • run a marathon
  • Paint a Picture
  • frolic in a field of daisy
  • go on a tuff hike audreyscellphonespic09 008
  • have an all night dance party
  • get into a good food fight
  • go puddle jumping
  • get into a good water fight
  • go paintballing
  • get into a pillow fight
  • lay in the street at night
  • plant a garden
  • visit a volcano
  • go to a laser light show
  • get a tattooDSCF0372
  • go scuba diving
  • make a Corbridge family favorites cookbook to give to all of my siblings
  • go to the tulip festival
  • ride a train
  • have a crazy-hair day
  • body surf
  • go to the zoo DSCN3216
  • stay up all night and experience a sun rise
  • star gaze
  • eat a really messy dinner with no utensils
  • make a slip-n-slide
  • rent a projector and make our own drive in
  • go on a treasure hunt
  • squirt-gun fight
  • have a mud fight
  • spend the whole day in pj’s and watch movies all day long
  • cook something I have never tried before
  • build a castleWys castle 2010 031Wys castle 2010 032 fort





(This is my main list but I think I want to make a new one just based on what I want to do with Wyatt  for this summer.)

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  1. Thanks for you list submission! I just know you will inspire so many people with your lovely plans! I've linked to your page here. :)


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