Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whats Date Night?

I have be such a good mom this week that I feel like I have not had one moment to myself. I didn’t make Wyatt go play with his toys while I watched my kabillion shows that I have on my DVR, I didn’t waste any time on FB during the day and I actually took the time to get down and dirty and play all sorts of games with Wyatt but now I feel like I need at least need one moment all to myself. I don’t know how much longer I can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
 and I swear I have sang the “wheels on the bus” to many times to count.

Where did all my adult time go? I want to watch bloody gory shows I want to swear loudly just because I can and I want to be able to have a Nooner with my husband without having to hurry because Wyatt might wake up from his nap.

It has been soooo KID friendly in my house lately that Cody and I both forgot about the Valentine’s date we had planned. We talk about how the only day that we both would have free before Valentine’s Day would be Tuesday so we made it a point to say out loud that YES, WE WILL BE GOING ON A DATE and leaving Wy with a babysitter aka his mom.

Tuesday came and went we did everything but think about ourselves. We woke up early and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a billion times (ugh), made a fort (which was a blast! But our stupid cats kept jumping on it and making it fall down that Wy got a little scared to sit in there without anyone in there with him.) And we ate popcorn while we watch kid movies. So when the end of the day finally came to put Wyatt down to sleep we sat down to have some kid free time. We talked, laughed, cuddled and watched our shows on the DVR (thank god for the DVR!) and when the time came for us to slip into our bed I turned and looked at Cody and said “Wasn’t it supposed to be our date night?”

I remember those moments that Cody and I had when we didn’t have a kid. We could sit around the house in our underwear if we so desired too, we could have the TV up loud at night, we could go out and get something to eat at 1 in the morning TOGETHER and oh did we love to snick into movies. We would have movie marathons in the theater all the time. we would be there for hours and get into at least 3 movies without ever paying! IT WAS A BLAST! (And of course the Sex was a BIG PLUS because we could have it at anytime of the day.)

Thinking back to those times makes me laugh. How young we were and oh how sometimes I long to be back there we use to be so carefree and head over heels in love Nothing and no one else mattered. Now, well we have a toddler that says it all.


  1. Hey you asked how to do the rolling buttons. Got to sneaky momma blog designs. She has great tutorials of how to do blog stuff!

  2. Hey you asked how to do the rolling buttons. Got to sneaky momma blog designs. She has great tutorials of how to do blog stuff!


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