Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dare I even say the word… SPRING?

spring 149 


Wait… I don’t want to jinx it because with Utah you never know what the weather is going to be like because one day its spring and the next day you feel like you back in the month of December with snow  blizzards every single day.

But feeling the warmth yesterday made me  literally be  outside all day long and the only time Wyatt and I came in was for his nap and to eat lunch and dinner.

We played “kick the ball” with daddy until he went to work…spring 073

Chased the cats…

spring 052

Explored the shrubbery…

spring 050

Played with sticks…

spring 082

(“Wha tis?” he asked)

spring 092

Went on a walk and found…

spring 125


spring 116 spring 120 

Had long conversations…

spring 123

Went to the park…

spring 159

Went down the slide…

spring 161

Over and Over again…

spring 165

Tried to climb up the slide…

spring 166

He headed towards the BIG BOY slide…

spring 167

And went down with out any sense of FEAR…

spring 175

Again and Again…

 spring 173

Even I took a turn to go down…

spring 171

Then after 3 or so hours of all this adventure we headed home for dinner.

spring 138 spring 141 spring 142 spring 143

spring 157


Hopefully it will stay this way so we can do this




Because it was a blast. :D

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