Tuesday, May 25, 2010



The night may have turned into something that no one could imagine but regardless we are still here waiting for you. As I think back to the events that happened.  It was a relief to have it come out into the open but was it worth it?
Regardless we are family regardless we love you regardless we will be here for you regardless.

I just keep thinking back to those days when I was young and the secret would build up and I could hardly breathe and my world would be over. I can’t imagine how much it was worse for you. You took the brunt of it all. I am sorry.

Regardless I love you we love you we want you in our in the family now and forever.

The night may have turned into something that no one could image was it worth it?

I’m sorry sister. I am sorry that you had to be all alone in your struggle and we didn’t see the pain. I’m sorry sister.

We would talk for hours about the past and I would listen partly because I didn’t want to relive the pain endured when I was eight. I would listen... partly and I am sorry for that. I just couldn’t go back I was finally moving forward. I am sorry sister I just couldn’t I couldn’t… I’m sorry.

Regardless sister I love you.

I will listen now I will listen now… okay I will. Sister I will now I will I promise. I am sorry sister.

It was a night to celebrate to be happy to be together and I am sorry sister that you needed it to be this. I am sorry sister that we lost you in the end. 

I am sorry sister regardless I will always love you.


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