Monday, July 26, 2010

This ain’t my first rodeo


One of the things that I like to do every summer is go to the rodeo with my family which we do to celebrate the “days of ‘47” or as we also call it Ogden Pioneer days here in Utah



This is one of the more popular things to for the “days of ‘47” so you have to arrive extra early to get a sit on the shady side because it gets PACKED quickly.


Luckily I have a mother who is always the first to arrive and the last to leave and she is always prepared with water, snacks, blankets and any and everything you would need.
Thanks mom!

We got to watch as the cowgirls rode in their competitions…

We even got to met the Rodeo Queen…

(picture here with my niece Neriah.)rodeo18

We bathed our selves unintentionally in the hot HOT sun… and I totally forgot the sun screen in my car.

Look how red poor Wyatt got. Thank goodness he’s like his dad where he just gets tan or it would have been an awful sun burn.



We also watched as the cowboys tried to tie up calves…

Which in this case we watched as the calf scared the horse. Wyatt thought that was funny.

We ate and ate snack after snack

I mean that’s really why I come in the first place so I can have the excuse to eat junk for dinner.


Then the good stuff started…

The stuff you come to see…

This was the first year that Wyatt kinda understood what was going on and his face was this way most of the night…

Which made me laugh.


MA MA MAAMAMAAA… COWS COWS!!!!!! Nanaanaaasss… Grammy Grammy ook ook!!!” he would say as he pointed to what was going on out on the field.

It started to grow dark and they began to get ready for bull riding which took a little time…

So I ended up taking a million pictures of this guys hat…


It’s pretty cool though right?
You gotta love a good old cowboy hat.

When he started to notice I was taking pictures I stopped cause I got embarrassed and then I thought of this…

When I was younger I believed I was destine to be a cowgirl and the only reason why I thought that was because I was born in Texas so THAT had to make me one Right?

I would listen to country music (on a cassette tape OMG that was a LOOOONG time ago.)and think to my self how I knew just knew that I had blood of a cowgirl.

*bursting in to laughter… MAN, how I was wrong.

Ha ha ha ha… I could not be a cowgirl even if I tried I am way toooo lazy I mean I cant even remember to change the kitty liter I doubt I would be able to get up early in the morning and take care of animals plus it hurts to ride a horse.

Have you ever ridden one?

Its fun for the first few hours but by the time you get off you’re in pain.
Sheesh… I don’t know how they do it.

ANYWAYS back to the bull riding…

I didn’t get to get a lot of pictures because people kept yelling at me to move. It was like I was in the way or something… COME ON PEOPLE!!!! Just let me take a freaking picture! Sigh… See Cody I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED that nice camera with the capability to zoom with out making the picture look crappy and so I don’t have to stand in front of people to get some dissent shots.

Here are the 2 best ones…

As you can see these cowboys are crazy JUST crazy!

It was a blast though, we had a great time Wyatt still talks about how the “moo” fall down BAM” referring to when they would tie up the calves.

Hmm… maybe Wyatt will be a cowboy he does have the name for it.




<----Are you part of the posse?


  1. Wow...those are some great shots! :) I bet my little guy would LOVE a rodeo. It looks like a blast!

  2. Looks like such a fun time, wish we had rodeos around here. I love the close up of his eyes, they are gorgeous!

  3. Look at your sweet boy's eyes when he's munching away...gorgeous! :> And I love the shot of the cowboy hat too!

    Other than pony rides when I was little, I've only been on a horse once, when I was about thirteen. I was with a group, almost everyone had ridden before. So, they said they were giving me, Reno, the most gentle horse in the bunch. He was indeed gentle.

    Never having gotten in a saddle without someone picking me up and putting me up there, I watched everyone else mount up...where they put their hand, where they put their foot, which foot, etc. And gentle Reno was great, but the one factor I did not add into the equation??? He was also the tallest horse there, by A LOT! So, when I put my foot up, I nearly ended up on my derriere. lol

    Thanks for sharing what a rodeo looks like for those of us who have never been! :>

  4. Holy cow! Whoops....didn't mean to write you a book! :>:>

  5. Great Pictures! A rodeo sounds so fun, I've never been! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm your newest follower :)

  6. Thanks guys it was a blast... and karen I will read you "book" any time. It made me laugh. ;)


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