Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Family That Laughs Together Stays Together

The other day when my family and I took a ride through the canyon we stopped to take pictures. If you know my mom you would know that she has this most unique laugh. its this hissing that seems to be stuck in her chest and all of sudden it bursts out into the strange very strange sound. And when she laughs you can not help but laugh too.

This is what happened as I was shooting.

Watch my mom as you scroll down...


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It didn't stop there because once she starts it hard for her to stop... which then of course gets all the others involved

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC 

Poor little Wy just sat there stunned and helpless not knowing what to think... my sister Janae on the left turned into this weird monster type thing plus watch as my dads/moms and other sister Breanne's face doesn't really change.

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Until of course my dad then had to joined in full force as the others finally calmed down.

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Then BAM it suddenly stop just like it suddenly started. 

SONY DSC                       Because After all


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  1. LOL, that's funny! A really lovely collection of family photos, the last one is especially fabulous :)

  2. LOVE IT!!! I can totally relate. And couldn't agree more. Great sequence. So glad you included all of them. What fun. Thanks for the smile. And happy WW!

  3. these are absolutely hilarious, what fun!

  4. Great sequence of pics! Those laughing ones are really wonderful!


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