Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Slice of birthday cake with life on the side.

(No this is not a picture of Wyatt on his birthday or anyone else's birthday for that matter.)
Two things that makes Wyatt, Wyatt is that he is completely obsessed with Birthdays and Christmas. I mean like insanely obsessed with them. He will beg to eat birthday cake so he can sing "happy birfday and blow out camdles." everyday until I let him have cake or blow out candles.
And with Christmas... like right now his name is "Rudolf" not Wyatt yesterday his name was "Santa goose" (goose because that's his original nickname which I call him because he is a silly goose.)
At least he knows that celebrating life and HIS life is the most important thing to do to be happy so I am totally okay with singing happy birthday everyday, eating cake and renaming each other Christmas characters if that's all it takes for him to be "insanely" happy.


  1. oh wow! this is such a great image. i love the light! wonderful.

  2. I love the focus on the candle with that adorable little face in the background. Cake and candles sound like great way to celebrate life any day.

  3. I've said it're such an awesome mom!! What a happy childhood Wyatt will remember :D

    My kids are also somewhat obsessed about birthdays (although, luckily, this goes in stages)...but, what they do is throw birthday parties for one of their stuffed animals, or a doll...they meticulously plan the party, bake a playdough cake, wrap 'presents' etc. and then they sing happy birthday to them in 2 or 3 languages, just like they do at daycare :D So cute!

  4. Duuudddeee, I wish my Mom was as cool as you!!!

  5. this is so great - i love the close crop of it.

  6. WOW! Just wow, amazing, super impressed with this shot.


  7. I think Wyatt's got it all figured out. Now I'm off to find some candles and a baked good of some kind.

  8. Beautiful photo! And what a great way to celebrate life!

    -A@ SM

  9. This is so sweet! The simple things are so important! Glad you are embracing that fact.


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