Monday, May 14, 2012

Lets get real.

The other day I wrote a post about the things I was too afraid to tell you which was a completely true, real and different from what you see now days. Its' true, the blogging world is full of pretty things. and happy mamas, clean houses and perfectly styled/dressed children... and that's okay.
But after  holly read my post she contacted me and asked if I’d join her, Mandey, Joni, Chelsea, and Megan once a week as she hosts a linky party called "let's get real." Which I of course was thrilled to do.

Once a week, on Mondays, we will write about something uncomfortable or something we'd normally be afraid to share. We're hoping this will inspire others to write & improve on themselves. Reflection is an awesome tool & incredibly therapeutic. If you're not sure what to write about, here are some ideas/examples:

  • a body part or personality trait you are self-conscious about 
  • a struggle you're currently going through 
  • a struggle you overcame 
  • something that happened to you 
  • a scary encounter 
  • a move you were reluctant to make 
  • a chance you didn't take 
  • dealing with daily pressures (wife, mother, work, etc.)

We all struggle. We all have inner turmoil. Let's use blogging as our platform to inspire & lift each other up. Here is our button, so please take it & put it on your blog or use it on your Let's Get Real post. Our first posts will be going up Monday morning, so be sure to stop by any of the above listed Mama's blogs above to link up.

I am just going to repost the one that inspired this link up and then next week I will have something new for you all…


I got married to young and mostly because I thought that there would be no one out there to love me, but him. That cause a lot of drama in our marriage and caused us to look at each other and really decided if we indeed loved each other.

I was one of those people who thought that having a baby would help things and Cody will tell you that I forced him into having a kid before he was ready. I did. But don't take that as that we don't love each other now and that we are not happy that Wyatt is here. Because we do, and we love Wyatt more then anything else in this world.

It just took us years to realize that yes, we love each other and that we are happy to be married to each other. (try adding a kid to the stress of all that. Phew.)

I was raped when I was 8 by a family member (and I wasn't the only one that it happened too.) Who I still see and who is still a part of my life and my families life. My family only came to know that this happened to me when I was 18 because my sister read my journal and told them. It caused me to not really talk to them for a good year or so. Not because they didn't try to support me through it because I didn't like the fact that they still allowed that person to be apart of their lives after they found out about it.

It still effects me today. It will always effect me and I hate that it does.

I think the worst of people most of the time because I tend to worry that they will do something to me that will cause me to be in pain. I blame that on the rape. I blame a lot on the rape.

I get mad at Cody’s condition and hate that he has it. I hope to god that Wyatt wont have the same thing because I don’t think I could handle it.

I eat to much. I don’t like that I am fat, but I am to lazy to exercise and I know that I will get some type of lipo one day and most likely get fat again.

Most days I let Wyatt watch way to much TV just so I can be on the internet or do what I want. Some nights I even let him fall asleep to the TV so I don't have to put him to bed.

It takes me months to do my dishes. They usually grow mold by the time I wash them.

I love going to work, so I don't have to be a house wife. Because I hated Cody more when I was one.

I am not sure I want another kid because I am to afraid that he’ll be awful and that I would regret having him and that makes me cringe more then anything else because I cant believe that I think that.

That felt good. Maybe I’ll do this more often. Thanks for allowing me to be brave and tell you how I felt.

**this was from an old post located here**

I do hope you all link up with us and see that there are people out there that have the same things going on just like you.


  1. This is an excellent idea--hopefully I grow enough testicular fortitude to join you ladies next Monday.

  2. I love this, this is totally up my alley of bloggerland.

  3. I saw this concept  here @ and I really wanted to participate. My main issue is that while I blog "anonymously" (I think some people can figure out who I am pretty easily) IRL I am a psychotherapist. And I have a huge fear that one day one of my former clients will read something I posted about the real me which could bite me in the ass. So basically I am living vicariously through your REAL posts. Thank you for that, and for sharing real things!

  4. wow.  you are so brave to post this!  It breaks my heart, what so many little kids have had to go through.  So sorry.

  5. i truly admire you and your bravery for sharing all of this. because of you and holly asking me to join "let's get real" i was able to talk about something i have never really talked about with anyone else. 


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