Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just imagine what Cody is going through.


I don't seem to know how to have sex anymore. This whole IUD removal junk screwed me up. Royally. My sex drive has been non existed for a month now and I get so mad at my self because I desperately want a baby but I cant seem to get in the mood ever.

I have even gone to the length of shaving my legs (which I rarely do. I know gross but get over it cause Cody's use to it by now. ha! sorry husband.) doing my hair, putting lipstick on and wearing skirts in the winter just to try and get my self in the baby making mood. My poor husband tries hard to be with me and I just don't respond and then I cry because I don't. What the hell is wrong with me?

I know you all might be sick of me talking to you about all this IUD stuff and the baby wishes but I just cant get over it all. I need some spice to wake this body of mine up. Cause at this point not having sex will definitely not make me a baby. But its not just that either. I want that connection with my husband. I want all that comes with having sex I just don't know how to get myself out of this mirena crush.

So mommas if you have any tips to build up my sex drive naturally or any advise I am all ears. I am also going to see a doctor but until then I need something to kick me into high gear because this momma is going crazy and I can just imagine what Cody is going through.


  1. K-Y "Intense" lotion. It helps!(shopko)

  2. Not to be nasty or anything but we are all adults here have u tried maybe watching Porn with your husband. Sometimes that can spark it up. But maybe with all this IUD stuff your hormone levels are off maybe you should talk to your doctor and see if he can help. We all go through I don't feel like it phase and stuff its normal sometime life just gets in the way. If you have time and I know its hard being a mom myself of two kids i know time alone with the husband can be none exist but try maybe planning a little trip it can be just over night where it's just u guys. Go to a movie, dinner, maybe stay at a hotel. See if just reconnecting as man and woman without all the outside stuff gets the ball rolling.

  3. I left a comment last night, but it didn't post. Poop.

    It may seem hard or like climbing a mountain, but just HAVE sex. Even if you don't want to. Do it. The more sex you have, the more you WANT it. That is a fact. And many therapists recommend couples having sex even when they aren't in the mood.

    I've also read to take a bath together. It is a silly, & fun way to get each other going & excited while also creating an intimate moment.

  4. Just do it! TOYS TOYS TOYS! Seriously! Try a few solo love sessions. Get back in touch with yourself literally. Once you start feeling good again add Cody. Even better...let him watch while you play solo. That could be great for both of you. Have a couple orgasms and you will be fine. Your body will remember how good it feels to have the penis and you will be just fine. Good luck.

  5. Sorry to read that you were having troubles getting in the 'baby making mood', but hey, it worked (as I just previously read in your most recent posts and I'm currently blog stalking you, hope that's cool). Also, I found this post rather enlightening to see that there are other people that are too embarrassed to talk about sex and REAL issues on their blogs. I always want to me more 'me' and talk about things that are really going on but worry about people getting offended, since I don't really have a filter on what I should say or what I shouldn't. haha. This inspired me to talk how I want on my blog, FINALLY. Thanks, ma'am! :-)

    1. You are welcome. I am all about being truthful. This blog to me is who I am. I tend to figure things out better if I lay it all out and write it down. Sometimes my husband refers to me that I am an over sharer and not everyone needs to know. But hey I am who I am and I aint gonna be scared to be so. So do it share talk feel be and say what you want and people who are offend well they might still be but they'll either move on or enjoy and be refreshed by it. Be brave! :)


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