Sunday, January 6, 2013

my toes are still cold.

My toes are wrapped in a thick blanket covered with two pairs of socks and I have the only standing heater on high blowing in my direction but my toes are still cold.

My day has been filled with a little longing of that happy I was trying to find and yet yesterdays disasters kept creeping into my today.


Those moments seem to bring nothing but hurt and I continued to dig deeper into the disasters. I screamed in the car on my way to work and said things to myself that I thought would make it all better and yet it didn't. I planned revenge and had the chance placed in my hands for it and then I stopped it wasn't worth creating another day of this.



So I stopped. Took my self away from those thoughts. Avoiding the same thing I would normally do. I came home and I looked in his direction and ponder on why I loved him and not on why he made me mad and then I saw it.


His olive skin, cute freckles placed in random places on his rosy cheeks. He freshly cut hair, but it was more than that. He was my husband. He is the one who holds me, kisses my tears, listens when I desperately need the extra ears.


He is the one, who gives me the only heater, he is the one who gives me the thickest blanket and he is the one who will warm up my toes when we sleep tonight.


He is my one and he is my happy.


  1. Oh, you write so well!! I love it. I feel the same way, often. So, instead of letting the bad thoughts take over, we should focus on all the small but at the same time huge things, that our husbands do for us. :)


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