Monday, July 19, 2010

What a week…. oh what a week.


This week has been filled with outing after outing plus I worked on top of all that… I swear there was not one day that I wasn’t doing something.
I am totally worn out but it was a GREAT week I enjoyed every part of it.

Here is what we have done this week.
*Be prepared for a long post. Sorry but I didn’t have one moment this week to post so here’s this WHOLE week jammed into one.


We went to the “days of 47” firework show

Wyatt enjoyed watching the birds, eating nothing but snacks, dancing to the marching band with “Papa” and waving to the fireworks as they went off.


We went to toddler time 

Which we haven’t been to in awhile since I have been working Mondays so when we pulled up to the tree house he literally flipped out “Wooooooooohhoooo!!!” he said. I laughed so hard when I heard that. Teehee…
While we were there he danced, colored and ran through all the rooms and cried when we left.
It was a blast!


We went to Cody's (daddy's) softball game.



It’s getting to the end of the season for Cody’s games I think there are only 2 or 3 left. :(
BUT OMG it was soooo hot like record hot plus I was soooo unprepared for this game I forgot Wyatt’s water bottle and all his snacks. I had to resort to getting water out of the bathroom sink which that ended up being hot water. Which wasn’t good I even had to take Wyatt’s shirt off because he was turning bright red I was really worried.

It was awful I was so glad when it was over. Sad we lost but glad to get out of the heat.


  softball8 softball6


A few days ago one of Cody’s co-workers gave him a bunch of dinos that her son outgrew to give to Wyatt and ever since then he has been Obsessed with these and since Wednesday was one of the days I had to work he ended up playing with these the whole time I was gone plus hours and hours after I came home he even had to have them come into the bath tub with him.


 dino1 dino

He likes to take them out onto our patio line them up so they can watch him play in his little sandbox.


We bounced back to lagoon with our good friends Heidi Kevin and little Sophia but this time we went actually went to lagoona beach. (The water park they have there.) Which was nice cause it was another very hot day.

lagoon beach2

lagoon beach4lagoon beach lagoon beach3 

           (Sophia)                                                             (Me and Wyatt)                                                              (Heidi)

lagoon beach1

Wyatt didn’t really like it too much it was loud, crowed and he’s been a little afraid of the water this year not sure why because he loves his bath… but whatever.
We were at lagoona beach for maybe an hour then we went on a few rides. It was fun but it was soooo HOT.


Was date night

We went to Wise guys comedy club to see one of our favorite comedians Jon Reep he is hilarious! If you ever get a chance to see him I totally suggest you do it you will not regret it.


This picture is taken with Cody’s Iphone since my phone decide to DIE (the only bad thing about the phone.)  it’s the new HTC EVO so it would have had a flash on it! DANG IT! I guess this will have to do.

jon reep


We went to see my mom in Spectacular.
My mom is the young women’s president for the LDS church and they put on a show called Arise and shine forth or as they called it Spectacular.
You can find out all the info about what exactly it was here.


(I did not take the above photo its from

My mom is in the picture below some where.

My mom work on this with her youth for months and months and she also made the costumes in the above photo so I of course had to go and support her. it was an awesome show. 

Glad I went.


My nephew turned 3!!!!

so we went to a Birthday BBQ yum!

Happy Birthday Jesse!


Sigh… so that’s it a week full of outings, work, laundry, dishes, motherly duties, wife duties but it was a blast and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

So here’s too many more weeks just like this and hopefully one day it will slow down to where I will be able to sit in my PJs and relax all day long like I did in the old days.

Hum…maybe when I am old.


tuesday unwrapped



  1. Wow--busy week, and great pictures! I love the very first one. And my son went crazy seeing Woody there at the end. He has one too. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! You always know how to edit them just right! I love the shot of all the dinosaurs too!

  3. happy birthday to the young man and what wonderful pictures loved the one with the dinosaurs brings back memories of when my 21 year old played with them

  4. I love the water slide photos! and the borders on them!

  5. You really did stay busy! The dino pics and Angel Moroni are my fave pics. My boys love dinos and I'm LDS too. That Arise and Shine Forth looks amazing!

  6. thanks, I just want to make sure that you know that the only picture that I didn't take was the angel Moroni its an awesome picture that's why i put it on here but if you look below the picture it states that it was taken off this website....
    I just want to make sure that is clear.

    thanks for stopping by ;)

  7. Busy weeks make my heart happy, yours looks VERY happy! :)

  8. What a busy week but it looks life fun was had by all!

  9. You really did stay busy! The dino pics and Angel Moroni are my fave pics. My boys love dinos and I'm LDS too. That Arise and Shine Forth looks amazing!


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